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WIP seeks a Chair of the Membership Committee of the Board Directors

Women in Investment Professionals (“WIP”) is a Chicago, Illinois-based, non-profit organization that provides a forum for networking and professional development for women involved in institutional investing, including plan sponsors, investment managers, consultants, accountants and attorneys. Women Investment Professionals achieves this objective through a variety of activities, including events, committee involvement, philanthropic initiatives, its website and newsletter. WIP provides members access to information on job opportunities within the industry by posting positions on its website.

Goals: Our Core Values

  • Promote professional networking and career development opportunities through our effective programs, depth and breadth of membership, and extensive relationships in the investment community.
  • Foster personal development through opportunities in leadership, mentoring, education, and philanthropy for women across varying investment professions and experience levels.
  • Provide high caliber education programs and access to pertinent resources to women in the investment industry.

The Chair of the Membership Committee is charged with:

  • Educating potential and existing members about the importance of WIP’s role in the investment community. WIP’s role is to strengthen the pipeline of female talent by supporting the development of female talent across all career levels, functional roles, and segments of the investment industry. WIP fulfils this role by providing: topical education on current issues of relevance to the industry; professional development programs on key skills; networking events with women that collectively provide a diversity of experience, expertise and achievement; and opportunities for leadership within WIP.
  • Maintaining up to date data on the composition of WIP membership.
  • Setting annual goals for retention and growth in WIP membership and reporting progress to the board on an annual basis.
  • Reviewing all applications for membership to ensure prospective members’ interests align with the mission of the organization. The MC approves or declines all WIP membership applications.
  • In collaboration with the Communications Committee, informing outreach materials for new and existing WIP members as well as alumni members.
  • Establishing a system for tracking WIP members’ interests in further engagement with the organization.
  • Creating and administering feedback mechanisms to engage WIP members and alumni to solicit feedback and ideas. The MC will serve as the members’ representative to the board and therefore should maintain an understanding of their perspectives and goals of WIP membership.
  • Connecting WIP members with opportunities to volunteer and serve in additional capacities at WIP.
  • Spearheading new member events in coordination with the Events Committee. The MC staffs new member events.
  • Recommending strategies for increasing WIP membership as well as alumni engagement.
  • Setting and adhering to an annual budget to fund all MC activities. The budget must be approved by the board.

Candidates should have 6-10 years of experience in the investment management industry and at least five years in relationship management. The MC position is a two-year term with the potential to serve a second term of the same length.

The role is an unpaid volunteer position. WIP’s success as an organization relies of the personal commitment of members and leadership.

Interested candidates should send their resume to mobrien@segalmarco.com by May 15.

Please contact Maureen O’Brien at 312-612-8446 with any questions.

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