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WIP Branding Event and New Member Happy Hour

Dec 16, 2020

Alesia Latson
LeadVantage Co-founder
Massachusetts based

  • 1. Your brand is how people perceive you
  • 2. You need to manage your brand – it will manage you if you don’t manage it
    • Never happy accidents
  • 3. Personal brand manager
  • 4. Intentional about how you show up
  • 5. Leadership – skillful participation and mindful in every moment
  • 6. Your brand is what comes to mind when your name comes up – that flash when they see your name
  • 7. Relevance and differentiation are keys to your brand – upper right quadrant
  • 8. Need to find what’s missing – unmet needs of your target market
    • Complaints always give you insights into what’s missing
    • See them as a rich source of unmet needs in your market
  • 9. Intention and impact – creating alignment between how you intend to show up in the world and how you show up in the market
    • Branding helps you to create that alignment
    • Brand Within: Your Intention
    • Brand Without: How it actually lands with the people you interact with
  • 10. How do you find out your impact? Feedback
  • 11. Build, squander, damage – 3 things you do to your brand with every interaction
    • Every interaction leaves a mark
    • Most people squander!
  • 12. In the first few seconds of an interaction, we decide whether a person is BLT:
    • Believable – are they credible? Do they know what they are talking about?
    • Likeable – do I like them as a person?
    • Trustworthy – do I trust them to do what they say?
  • 13. 5 P’s: how you elevate your personal brand
    • Persona – the experience that you have of the person
      • Happiness comes from you coming or you going?
    • Product – vehicle by which you deliver results
    • Packaging – wrapping around product; visual manifestation
    • Promotion – people have to know about your good work
    • Permission – give yourself the right to succeed
      • Lack of “enough-ness” holds us back from giving ourselves permission
      • Where do you hold back?  Hesitate?  Minimize yourself?  Withdraw? 
        • Then fearlessly lean in; play full out where only you can contribute to make a difference. 
  • 14. Do you have a following? What comes to mind when people see your name?
  • 15. If it distracts, it detracts!
  • 16. Asking for feedback example – “I’ve been working on X… what have you noticed?”
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