Women Investment Professionals

Speaker Take-Aways: 2023 Trailblazer Awards  Dinner

October 19, 2023

Amy O’Brien

Throughout Amy O’Brien’s career in responsible investing, she was often navigating the unknown, without clear job descriptions, only a call to action. She adopted the Jesuit philosophical directive to “use your talents to address the world’s greatest needs.” 

When she began working, the realm of responsible investing was limited to small charities and foundations. Amy worked to change that from the inside, with the understanding that engaged investors are the path to driving change. She would build a business case for taking the moral action and demonstrated to clients that responsible investing is smart investing.  

Amy often found herself in the right place at the right time and discovered allies in unexpected places. She believes that the way to career advancement is to look for where you can make a difference and then raise your hand — propose a solution and volunteer, showing that you are thinking ahead. She believes it’s important to cultivate your global network and keep educating yourself toward that next position.

Nickol Hackett

For Nickol Hackett, it’s personal. She grew up around hard-working people and felt an obligation to honor their service. But she also made the personal choice for more life, and fewer working weekends, from her working life. 

She advises people to make their advocacy personal by being champions for others. We each possess the ability to advocate and create space for one another.  

Some people are never given the opportunity to demonstrate their potential. Instead, they are expected to show results. But it takes only one champion to start the contagion. She advises: Be the first one to give feedback, offer public praise, make space, and give a second chance. In other words, make it personal.