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Open Board Position

On behalf of the Women Investment Professionals (WIP) Board of Directors (Board) and the Nominating Committee, I invite you to consider nominating another member or yourself to serve on the WIP Board. WIP seeks a broad range of talented and dedicated professionals to serve in Board leadership positions. WIP is at an important point in its development and growth. Founded in 1996 as a small networking group, WIP is evolving to serve our 300+ members’ broader needs. This opportunity will give you an ability to influence our future, as well as advance your level of participation. The time required to participate as a Board member depends on which committee you chair and the nature and timing of issues the Board considers at any given time. The Nominating Committee advises that nominees should anticipate that:

  1. Active participation on the Board and its committees will require on average 1-2 hours of work per week (depending on the time of year and nature of issues being addressed).
  2. Special committee projects may require additional time or attention.
  3. WIP Board members are expected to be present either in person or via telephonic communication for at least nine Board meetings and attend at least eight to twelve WIP events per year. Board meetings occur once a month and average 1 hour in duration. 
  4. With the exception of WIP’s Secretary and Treasurer, each WIP Board member is expected to serve on a Board Committee.
  5. Currently, we are actively seeking candidates for the Chair of the Events Committee (below).

Events Committee Description

The Events Committee is responsible for designing and conducting three general sessions available for attendance by WIP Members and Non-Members each year. It is anticipated that the three sessions will be:

  1. Economic Outlook Luncheon,
  2. Networking Events, and
  3. Annual Trailblazer Award Dinner.

The Events Committee may also design and organize other general session events either sponsored solely by WIP or in collaboration with other entities. The Chair of this committee is expected to have 15 years investment industry experience. Ideally, the Chair will also have experience with marketing and event planning.

The deadline for nominations is January 29th, 2021. Please send nominations to Dee Farris at deefarris9@gmail.com.

Open Committee Memberships

In addition, WIP is seeking volunteers to serve on the Strategy Committee, the Governance and Nominating Committee, as well as the What’s Important Now (“WIN”) Committee.

Strategy Committee

WIP continues to adapt as our members’ needs and the investment industry evolve. The Strategy Committee oversees WIP’s ongoing efforts for pursuing our vision of success and ways to utilize our resources to best support our members. Currently, the Strategy Committee is seeking two additional committee members:

  • Advisory Council “point person” – In 2021, WIP will be establishing the first Advisory Council composed of executives from our Platinum sponsor companies.  This committee member will “run point” working with the Chair of the Strategy Committee, the WIP Executive Committee, and the Advisory Council Chair to implement and assist with the quarterly council meetings.
  • Strategic Plan Build-out – In 2020, WIP refreshed our Core Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values. Building on this foundation, beginning in 2021, we will be building out our strategic plan for the next 3 – 5 years. Using the strategic plan template WIP has chosen, this committee member will work with the Strategy Chair, and other board chairs to populate and maintain our strategic plan. 

Governance and Nominating Committee

The Governance and Nominating Committee (the Committee) assists the Board in identifying candidates to serve on the Board, as well as establishing governance guidelines for overseeing the Board, committees, and their activities. The Committee is new for WIP. WIP is looking for 2 committee members to help establish the governance framework and performance criteria against which WIP can evaluate the Board’s and the various committees’ performance.

What’s Important Now (“WIN”) Committee

Women Investment Professionals announced the expansion of its longstanding and popular Member’s Only Educational Series with a new name – “What’s Important Now” or “WIN”  in 2020. As with Members Only, WIN applied a thematic approach to the annual series addressing issues that are important across all of the functions represented in the institutional investment community. As part of the series, panelists give insights into important trends and how they might impact our industry, positively or negatively, as well as discuss implications for future career prospects as these trends evolve. This year’s WIN series investigated The Impact of Technology, Algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence on the Investment Industry. Looking ahead to 2021, the committee is seeking 2 additional members to aid with various yet relevant themes (i.e. ESG).

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