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Notes on WIP WIN Webinar: CIO Outlook, Views from the Field for 2021, December 10, 2020

Sue Crotty

  • 2020 recap – largest decline in market and largest recovery, largest Fed bailout, first time we experienced negative oil prices, negative appreciation in real estate and best November for S&P and small cap stocks.
  • Reasons to believe that inflation may come back, and likely to have major issues with monetary policy.

Harisha Haigh

  • Agreed with Sue’s comments
  • Unequal harm from Covid (poorer people getting hit worse)
  • 2020 was a great year for equities, and PE. Not great for real estate (hospitality companies – down as much as 50%) and energy.
  • Hoping for some stabilization in 2021 and believes that rotation into value will continue.
  • Investors will still be interested in hedge funds and other “riskier assets.”
  • Should focus on trying to invest with the best managers.
  • The push for diversity will continue.

Lauren DeMore

  • US large cap and international equity manager.
  • Surprised by market being up so much in 2020. 
  • Less surprising is that even though she sees a rotation to value, growth has still outperformed. Growth – earnings forecasts only went down 5%, value 20%. 
  • 2021 starting to think about rewinding some of 2020.
  • Value rotation will continue; value performs best after recession, consumer spending will rebound.
  • Scars of Covid-19 will be deep.

Jennifer Rosenblum

  • Wealth advisor – soup to nuts practice and clients’ investment allocations are generally successful, if clients stick to the plan. 
  • She invests in all asset classes. Clients still need to be invested and not trying to time the market.
  • Stock market creates wealth.
  • Asset allocation is critical as is diversifying.  Important to max out tax deferred vehicles.
  • Beginning of 2020, more PE companies bought out/IPO’ed than any year in her career.
  • Formal discussion followed by Q&A.
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