Women Investment Professionals

Fran Skinner
Chair, Strategy Committee

Partner, Co-Founder
AUM Partners, LLC


FRAN SKINNER, cfa, cpa

Partner/Co-Founder, AUM Partners, LLC

Originally an auditor with Mellon Bank, then an accountant with Allstate, Fran moved into a Finance role with Allstate Investments in 1991 that opened the door to finding her “A”-Game. Combining her love of Finance and innovation, Fran was frequently called upon to problem solve, start new initiatives, and support investment professionals and senior leaders. As a Director, enjoying a successful 16-year career at Allstate, Fran then determined she wanted to expand her support of investment leaders as a dedicated talent and leadership consultant. Beginning in 2003, as an independent consultant, then co-founding AUM Partners in 2009, Fran has helped hundreds of investment industry professionals at all levels of organizations identify their “A”-Game and develop strategies to improve performance.

Fran was an independent corporate director with Diamond Hill Investments from 2010 – 2018, chairing their compensation committee and a financial expert member of their audit committee.  From 2018 – 2019, Fran was the Chief Administrative Officer of Diamond Hill Investments, a member of the 3-person executive leadership team, along with the CEO and CFO, responsible for leading Diamond Hill Capital Management.  Since 2019, Fran has been an independent corporate director with Fenimore Asset Management.  Fran is a regular contributor to Barron’s, co-author of the book High Performing Investment Teams, and Keynote/Workshop presenter.  She earned her MBA from the University of Illinois – Chicago, and BA from St. Xavier University. 

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