Women Investment Professionals


Our Board

Nancy Prial, CFA

Co-Chief Executive Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager, Essex Investment Management Company, LLC

Fran Skinner, CFA, CPA
Vice President

Partner, Co-Founder, AUM Partners, LLC

Melissa Binder, CFA
Treasurer/Chair Finance Committee
Managing Director
PPM America Inc.

Adela Ghinet, CFA, CAIA
Chair, Communications Committee

Managing Director
Harbor Capital Advisors

Donna Holmes, CAIA
Chair, Programming Committee

VP, Investor Relations
Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT

Angela Miller-May

Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund

Stacy Scapino, CFA
Chair, Governance & Nominating Committee

Volunteer: American Red Cross, Urban Alliance, and Growing Home

Denise Winchar
Chair, Stakeholders Committee

Vice President, Regional Director, Global Consultant Relations

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Susan Small
Past President

Vice President, Global Head of Consultant Relations
Dimensional Fund Advisors

Committees: How You Can Get Involved

Women Investment Professionals invites you to consider becoming involved with one of our committees. WIP is an active and growing organization. Not only do we welcome and need your help, we also want your good ideas. The best way to contribute is through your involvement on a working committee. This is an excellent way in which to network and really get to know some terrific women. For more information, please contact any WIP board member or call toll free at (866) 891-4603.

Communications Committee

As Women Investment Professionals (“WIP”) continues to expand its reach and programming, the Communications Committee is taking on an even greater role. Our growing membership base needs various tools to keep up with our activities; these include event and job announcements, website access, as well as periodic WIP news updates (via our novel, quarterly newsletter). Our goal is to communicate WIP’s mission to the broader investment community in order to attract – as well as serve – the interest of new and existing members. As we look ahead, we invite WIP members to contribute to this vital area via various volunteer opportunities.

Community Outreach Committee

For many years, Women Investment Professionals has placed considerable importance on civic responsibility. Not only is community outreach a wonderful way in which members can give back, it also provides another opportunity for members to get to know each other and build personal bonds.

WIP gives back to the community through our affiliation with various organizations that provide educational and support services to women. Some examples of the groups we currently support include Deborah’s Place, and The Young Women’s Leadership Charter School of Chicago. The Community Outreach Committee welcomes additional members who can help identify the many ways we can use our talents and resources to help others.

Events Committee

Women Investment Professionals events are the cornerstone of WIP. The Events Committee has been very successful in putting on informative and enjoyable events across a wide range of themes – from investment and economic topics to personal and career development to pure networking and socializing. Attendees find WIP events welcoming, stimulating and fun!

With a goal of four to five events per year, the Events Committee is responsible for selecting program themes, speakers and venues. The Events Committee welcomes additional members to contribute creative ideas and support this important function.

Governance and Nominating Committee

The WIP Governance and Nominating Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities regarding matters that relate to governing the organization. This Committee develops and recommends governance guidelines for overseeing WIP’s Board and activities; identifies qualified individuals to serve on the Board; manages the Board and committee continuity planning process; lastly, it oversees the evaluation of the Board, each Board committee, and overall management.

Membership Committee

Women Investment Professionals has benefited greatly from the continued support and involvement of a diverse group of women. The membership committee is focused on providing a compelling member value proposition via organizational growth and meeting the varied needs of WIP’s members. This is accomplished through a targeted campaign of membership events, input from members by surveys and feedback forms, as well as various quarterly communications. You are invited to join us in helping manage the lifeblood of our organization.

Sponsorship Committee

WIP offers sponsorship opportunities through various levels to organizations who support diversity initiatives that promote the advancement, recruitment and retention of women within organizations. WIP offers three different support levels of sponsorship (Platinum, Gold and Silver) on an annual basis. As a sponsor, your company will gain visibility as a supporter of an important initiative to build and support women leadership.

Strategy Committee

Established in 1996, WIP’s early ambition was to be a premier networking group for women at institutional firms in the investment industry. Today, WIP membership exceeds 300 women from across the country and in a wide variety of firms and functions.  We continue to adapt as the needs of our members and industry evolve, focusing on empowering women in our industry through much more than networking. The Strategy Committee oversees WIP’s ongoing efforts for ensuring our vision of success and current goals best support our members. The Committee also provides a framework for utilization of resources and assessment of growth opportunities to ensure alignment with our core purpose, vision, mission, and goals.   

What’s Important Now (“WIN”) Committee

Women Investment Professionals announced the expansion of its longstanding and popular Member’s Only Educational Series with a new name – “What’s Important Now” or “WIN”  in 2020. As with Members Only, WIN applies a thematic approach to the annual series addressing issues that are important across all of the functions represented in the institutional investment community. As part of the series, panelists give insights into important trends and how they might impact our industry, positively or negatively, as well as discuss implications for future career prospects as these trends evolve. This year’s WIN series investigated The Impact of Technology, Algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence on the Investment Industry. 

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