Women Investment Professionals

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Professional Development Series Part 3: Energizing Your Network Event

·       Make yourself a priority! Women need to prioritize their needs ahead of others.

·       Bring something unique to truly connect with people. Bring out your personality – something that reflects who you are (i.e., your brand.)

·       Use your network –  to make introductions rather than cold outreach.  

·       Use deliberate questions in conversations.  Find something more specific to draw out and express your sincerity/interest.

·       Look at networking as a friendship – how can you help someone else?

·       How to connect in a virtual world?

o   Put yourself out there – if comfortable, make more of a concerted effort

o   Prioritize yourself – amongst competing priorities

o   Don’t be afraid to just have a phone call – don’t need to always be on “video”

·       Get outside your comfort zone and begin to purposefully expand your network

o   It’s a choice – if you make the choice you’ve accepted it; it may not be comfortable in the beginning

o   Start small – dip a toe in or two, start with smaller networking event. Commit to identifying or reaching out to at least one new contact per week?

·       Working with recruiters

o   Be honest –  with yourself, your strengths, be self-aware and communicate your goals

o   Find your passion! Use your passion as a funnel to the recruiter so they know what searches to put you in

o   It’s not a one-way street. Help recruiters with other searches where you may have a network. Be a trusted resource – share intel regarding changing trends in your industry or business. Knowledge is power

·       Networking throughout your career

o   Early in career  – ask for a lot of help/questions. Everybody wants to help. Great time to start building relationships

o   Make connections natural – put yourself out there (get involved) – easy way to be recognizable

o   Help people in early stages to have courage to pursue their right path. Be sure to follow up with thank you notes to those who you have connected with and who have helped you. Conduct check-ins from time to time to keep the relationships active

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