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KEY TAKEAWAYS: Professional Development Series: Being BOLD: Pause, Pivot and Leap Notes

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

1. Advice from Denise Kenny (PAUSE)

  • Fate comes your way and can bring opportunity

  • Viewed her pause as a sabbatical, and took advantage of the opportunity to focus on her health and well-being; refocus

  • Don’t be afraid to take a risk or go outside of your comfort zone

  • Every week had a phone call with someone she worked with, keep getting your name and desire out there

2. Advice from Lynne Kostakis (PIVOT)

  • See a need / fill a need – this has allowed her to look at things from a different lens:

  • Have intellectual curiosity – look around; where is the organization struggling; what new initiatives are being focused on; where can you play a strategic role?

  • When you are forced to pivot; hang in there; what’s the first next thing you need to do?

  • Lean into those around you

3. Advice from Michele Brennan (LEAP)

  • We need the important skills but we don’t need all the skills; we don’t need to know 100% of job before we start the job

  • Spend time getting to know colleagues and clients

  • Stay close to friends and remember the reason you took the role (leap)

4. Advice from our Panelists:

  • Denise – don’t be afraid to take a risk and go out of your comfort zone

  • Lynne – have faith in yourself and the skills you bring/value you add

  • Michele – be open and honest with yourself; be open to feedback!

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