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Key Take-Aways: Professional Development Event – 11/4/2020

The Characteristics of an Effective Leader — What’s in Your Toolkit?

On November 4, WIP hosted the second of this year’s professional development series for 2020: Characteristics of an Effective Leader. The session kicked off with insights from Korn Ferry expert, Christine Fuchs, on the K4FD leadership assessment. She provided background and science behind responses. We then had a fireside chat with Michelle McBride and moderator, Tara Giuliano.

  • Christine Fuchs, Vice President, Global Assessment Services, Korn Ferry
  • Tara Giuliano, Head of Client and Product Marketing, Nuveen
  • Michelle McBride, President, McBride Consulting Group

Below are key takeaways they shared:

KF4D Leadership Assessment

  • Traits and drivers can change as you grow in your career
  • Traits people choose to use in their current role can fluctuate
  • Measure traits, competencies and drivers, not experiences
  • Great tool to use with people who know you very well – get their feedback
  • Assessments can be a great launching pad for creating a development plan
  • https://www.kornferry.com/fyi-resources


  • Using self-assessments to help create a formal development plan
  • Seek a mentor or accountability partner to help think about your development plan
  • Identify 1-2 specific goals from an assessment that is relevant to you and your goals

How to navigate an organization to advance your career

  • Seek out coffee chats with someone who is a senior leader and come prepared with questions. Think of it as a leadership interview
  • It is not what you know, it is WHO knows. Make it known what you are good at, build a personal brand
  • Mentor vs. Sponsor – develop relations with people who support your career growth

How to bring your femininity to the table, while being strong and confident

  • Use your voice to be heard. Take a seat at the table and be proud of that seat
  • Ensure you know the details and facts going into any meeting to give yourself the confidence needed
  • Try to avoid “um” and “sorry”

How to get ready for the next stage

  • Find support, demonstrate your competence that encourages you to have that impact
  • From an influence perspective, focus around communication and knowing your audience
  • “Put the fish on the table”- be very honest, that is how you build that followership. Transparency is key
  • Sometimes it is more important to influence in the background rather than being the mouthpiece of what you are trying to influence

Takeaway: Use self-assessments to seek more self-awareness and help build confidence.

Books/ TV Suggestions

  • Brene Brown – The Call to Courage on Netflix
  • 168 Hours by Harry M Kraemer
  • Undoing on HBO
  • Strength Finder from Gallup
  • Growth Mindset by Joshua Moore and Helen Glasgow
  • Grit by Angela Duckworth

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