Women Investment Professionals


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October 2021: Trailblazer Dinner

February 2020: Economic Luncheon

November 2019: Trailblazer Dinner

April 2019: Professional Development Luncheon

 March 2019: Members Only 2019 – First in the Series

February 2019: Economic Outlook Luncheon

  October 2018: Trailblazer Dinner

    October 2017: Trailblazer Dinner

    June 2017: Networking Event at Art Institute

    April 2017: How to Increase your Influence and Impact

    October 2016: Trailblazer Dinner

    October 2015: Trailblazer Dinner

    June 2015: Networking Event at Art Institute

    October 2014: Trailblazer Dinner

    June 2014: Networking Event at Art Institute