Women Investment Professionals


Committees: How You Can Get Involved

Women Investment Professionals invites you to consider becoming involved with one of our committees. WIP is an active and growing organization. Not only do we welcome and need your help, we also want your good ideas. The best way to contribute is through your involvement on a working committee. This is an excellent way in which to network and really get to know some terrific women. For more information, please contact any WIP board member or email us at info@wipchicago.org.

Finance Committee

Paula Romanchuk Treasurer/Secretary

The Finance Committee provides financial analysis and oversees WIP’s budget. The Finance Committee ensures WIP can operate in accordance with its financial resources.

Committee Member
  • TBC

Investment Subcommittee

Nancy Prial, Chair

Committee Members

  • Andrea Schaffer
  • Fran Skinner
  • Jasmine Mrozek
  • Jen Carden
Governance & Nominating Committee

Stacy Scapino, Chair


The WIP Governance and Nominating Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities regarding matters that relate to governing WIP. Specifically, the Governance and Nominating Committee identifies prospective board members, manages the board continuity planning, recommends board governance guidelines, and oversees board and committee evaluations.  

Committee Member
  • Leila Iroume, Committee
Communications Committee

Laura Davies, Chair

The Communications Committee develops and executes WIP’s marketing and communications strategy to advance WIP’s presence on relevant media outlets, social media, and website.

Committee Members
  • Carly Breakstone, Committee
  • Karin Lystad, Committee
  • Tara Giuliano, Committee
Innovation Committee

Elizabeth Brewer, Chair

The Strategy Committee helps develop WIP’s longer-term strategy and works with the board to ensure near term activities and operational structure can enable WIP to achieve its mission. 

Committee Members
  • Denise Kenny, Committee
  • Sue Glover, Committee
  • Lauren Durfey, Committee
Programming Committee

Donna Holmes, Chair

The Programming Committee is responsible for developing and managing WIP’s program content, hosting events and ensuring stakeholder satisfaction across WIP’s events.

  • Events Subcommittee: develops and manages WIP’s topical education program and social events.
  • Professional Development Committee: develops and manages WIP’s Professional Development Program.
Committee Members
  • Kristin Doyle, Chair, Professional Development Subcommitee
  • Charlotte Walsh, Events Subcommittee Co-Chair
  • Christy Whittington, Events Subcommittee Co-Chair
  • Dee Farris, Program Manager
  • Kelly Holmes, Zoom Producer

Events Subcommittee

Charlotte Walsh
Co Chair


Christy Whittington
Co Chair

Women Investment Professionals events are the cornerstone of WIP. The Events Committee has been very successful in putting on informative and enjoyable events across a wide range of themes – from investment and economic topics to personal and career development to pure networking and socializing. Attendees find WIP events welcoming, stimulating and fun! With a goal of four to five events per year, the Events Committee is responsible for selecting program themes, speakers and venues. The Events Committee welcomes additional members to contribute creative ideas and support this important function.

Committee Members
  • Ashwini Apte, Committee
  • Maggie Baer, Committee
  • Joanna Herrick, Committee
  • Dee Farris, Program Manager
  • Kelly Holmes, Zoom Producer

Professional Development Subcommittee

Kristen Doyle

Kristen Doyle, Chair

The WIP Professional Development Program consists of a series of sessions with each session targeted at specific skills/techniques you’ll need to advance your career and experience greater success. WIP is made up of women across the career spectrum, functional roles, industry segments, and career aspirations, making your professional development needs unique. While a particular session may be more or less of a development need for you, don’t forget that your unique experiences also provide you with a unique ability to contribute to others. The WIP Professional Development Program provides both an opportunity to learn and to teach. We currently conduct three sessions each year covering one specific topic at each session.

Committee Members
  • Shauna Conza, Committee
  • Ellery Garland, Committee
  • Kate Hennessy, Committee
  • Katie Kimble, Committee
  • Jane Marcus, Committee
  • Anne Olaimey, Committee
  • Allison Johnston, Committee
  • Dominic Schagar, Committee
  • Mary Collins White, Committee
Stakeholder Management Committee

Denise Winchar, Chair

The Stakeholder Committee focuses on building and maintaining WIP’s strong relationships with our sponsors and members, as well as developing relationships with community groups that promote women’s and girls’ financial knowledge.  The Stakeholder Committee has three subcommittees, which execute daily operations.

  • Sponsorship Subcommittee: responsible for attracting new corporate sponsors and retaining the support of existing corporate sponsors.
  • Membership Subcommittee: responsible for growing and retaining WIP’s members.
  • The Community Outreach Subcommittee: responsible for identifying and managing all WIP’s philanthropic initiatives conducted under the auspices of WIP.
Committee Members
  • Sandra Krueger, Chair, Sponsorship Subcommittee
  • Emily Fox, Co-Chair, Outreach Subcommittee 
  • Allison Johnston, Co-Chair, Outreach Subcommittee
  • Colleen Fearn, Chair, Membership, Subcommittee

Membership Subcommittee


Colleen Fearn, Chair

Women Investment Professionals has benefited greatly from the continued support and involvement of a diverse group of women. The membership committee is focused on providing a compelling member value proposition via organizational growth and meeting the varied needs of WIP’s members. This is accomplished through a targeted campaign of membership events, input from members by surveys and feedback forms, as well as various quarterly communications. You are invited to join us in helping manage the lifeblood of our organization.

Committee Members
  • Amanda Buckstaff, Committee
  • Marisa Woodrum, Committee
  • Megan Miller, Committee
  • Katie Wyatt, Committee

Community Outreach Subcommittee

Emily Fox, Co-Chair.

For many years, Women Investment Professionals has placed considerable importance on civic responsibility. Not only is community outreach a wonderful way in which members can give back, it also provides another opportunity for members to get to know each other and build personal bonds. WIP gives back to the community through our affiliation with various organizations that provide educational and support services to women. Some examples of the groups we currently support include Deborah’s Place, and The Young Women’s Leadership Charter School of Chicago. The Community Outreach Committee welcomes additional members who can help identify the many ways we can use our talents and resources to help others.

Committee Members
  • Allison Johnston, Committee
  • Meg Johnson, Committee
  • Noelle Bond, Committee
  • Sara Wilson, Committee

Sponsorship Subcommittee

Sandra Krueger, Co-Chair

Susan Small, Co-Chair

WIP offers sponsorship opportunities through various levels to organizations who support diversity initiatives that promote the advancement, recruitment and retention of women within organizations. WIP offers three different support levels of sponsorship (Platinum, Gold and Silver) on an annual basis. As a sponsor, your company will gain visibility as a supporter of an important initiative to build and support women leadership. We welcome all WIP members who would like to broaden their network, get to know other firms, and engage with our sponsors to join the Sponsorship Committee.

Committee Members
  • Priya Kaftan, Committee
  • Carrie O’Donnell, Committee
  • Jasmine Mrozek, Committee
  • Yana Turner, Committee